I thought yesterday was Halloween!

Yesterday was really brutal. I had a bunch of conversations with a few b/s. Here are what I had to do:
– To comfort the lost of self-confident (twice, no, actually three times)
– To exhort not to get angry at God
– To tell my opinion which I know the other does not want to hear.
– To listen to a mother complaining how bad her daughter is.
– To assure God is always faithful
– To encourage someone to seek purity and to explain the consequences of sins and how we have no choice but to bear it.
– To comfort an exhausted wife

I like sharing with people and I treasure those moments very much but it is also exhausting. After I went home I went to the park close to my home to pray for everyone I talked to and felt much better.
I also felt so inadequate. In very instance I wish I could do more yet I don’t know how. Man. That is an awfully helpless feeling. I am thinking may be this is a lesson to let God take charge.

I have been reading and listening to stuff all over. Yes, all over. I remember having a conversation with PY and she said I have a scattered brain. I guess this is testimony to that. I have been told that before. I used to think that was an insult because I value logical rational thinking but that has changed. I think scattered is good, the world is scattered if not chaotic by nature. So why act against it? It is better to go with the flow. (Sounds like Taoist, eh) Eventually things will come together. Is all good! And if things do not come together before my life is over that is even better, because at the pearly gate God will tie everything together fro me.

From a sermon by Brain McLaren:
http://www.crcc.org/converse/talks.htm (#1967)
Quoting a young Irish Theologian Peter Rawlings:
“I am not constructing a new set of beliefs but am only concern about the way we believe the beliefs we proclaim.”
“Revelation nether makes God known or leaves God unknown but rather render God known as the unknown.”
On artiest expression, he told a story about a dancer:
“Can you explain to me about your dance?”
“If I can put into words, I would not have to dance it.”
“Growing in spiritual life is by training not by trying”

In an interview with Leonardo Boff, a liberation theologian, when asked:
Speaking of Bush, what was your reaction to his re-election received? – Father Betto was extraordinary in commenting yesterday that “after Bush, there is no more utopia, only myopia.”

From the book “Holy Longing’ by Ron Rolheiser:
“Nobody doubts our generation’s sincerity. In terms of spirituality. Our struggle is not wit hsincereity, but with direction. Our hearts are good, but it is our minds and feet that do not know which way to go.”

From the movie Kingdom of Heaven:
I think the guy who wrote the script meant for the script to be quotable.
From his father Balian learns a code of conduct for a knight to live and die by: “BE without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee; speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death; safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath.” Then Geoffrey gives him a slap, like the symbolic blow to the cheek bishops used to give recipients of confirmation: “That’s so you remember it.”
Balian struggles with loss of faith, fearing that he has fallen from grace and is beyond redemption. He’s finds comfort, though, by the counsel of a priest of the order of Hospitalers (David Thewlis), who tells him, “Holiness is in right action… what God desires is here” (touching Balian’s forehead) “and here” (touching his heart).
After refuse to participate in a coup, one of the characters said to Balian:
“The day will come when you will wish you had done a little evil to do a great good.”
When asked why he worked to improve his land:
“It is my land. Who would I be if I do not try to make it better?”
“A man who in France has not a house is in the holy land the master of a city,” Godfrey promises. “There at the end of the world you are not what you were born but what you have it in yourself to be.”
This is from the pre-war speech:
“We fight over an offence we did not give, against those who were not alive to be offended.”
I love movies which people dress up in old customs, do not bath (no tap water) and just run around talking in language that sounds great but we don’t really understanding.


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