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Another sunrise at work.

Appropriately, is listening to Sunrise by Duran Duran.

"reach up for the sunrise
put your hands into the big sky
you can touch the sunrise
feel the new day enter your life"

Thinking about spirituality.

Spirituality is at any moment there is God in your life. More specifically your thinking, feeling and over all being involve God. How's that?

Now I am at work, tired and feeling weird becasue of waking up so early. However, this is my work that I am responsible for so I try to do it to the best of my knowledge. At the saem time I try to balnce my mental, spiritual and physical well being. I try not to worry too much. I try not to let my own desire run wild. I train my self to think more of God. I try to pray more. I also try not to take advantage of my situation to benefit my self. I don't always do right but I try and I confess when I know it is not right.

Living in this way I think pleases God.

On the other hand I still try too much and should just let God flow through me a lot more. However, me is in the way.