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Is dissatisfaction disobedient? – Insufficiency of everything attainable

(This was written back in June 2007)

Last week I got a call from a friend who told me he is moving to HK to start a new internet venture. (I cannot tell you what it is because it involves trade confidentiality) This week I found out another friend is moving to Beijing to work. Another friend got an offer to go to Beijing and work with the Olympic preparation. Another friend in is UK traveling and working. Another friend dropped by earlier and she is stationed in Shanghai. All of a sudden it seems everyone is having exciting adventures while I am here just making a living. I feel trapped by obligation, my inadequacy and maybe lack of opportunities. Sometime I wish I can get into some really exciting line of work and just flow with it for a while.  On the other hand I want to have a monastic life of just prayer and study. Two extreme desires live within the single soul of mine. Read the rest of this entry »


“Jesuit brothers did a good job”

After a find wine and dine evening, a friend complimented our very enjoyable conversations and knowing that I went to a Jesuit High school she said coyly, “the Jesuit brothers did a good job”. That got me thinking a bit. I went to a high school ran by Jesuit brothers and priests. I was not aware of any thing unusual in the way they ran the school then. As I reflected on it a bit, I was made aware of the emphasis of academic excellence and the availability of resource for many extracurricular activities. I am not sure how that affected me. I can only say that I was allowed to explore my interests and became a librarian and an alter boy. That started me in a life long journey into the realm of books and theology. That is still my theme today.

Easter reflection – Lent, Bach and the journey continues

(I wrote this back in May 2007)

Pentecost has come and gone, yet the ghost of Lent continues to cast a shadow over me.

This past Lent season has been particularly trying. As my understanding of Lent grew I become more intentional in denying certain part of my life in obedient. However, it has been harder and harder. Read the rest of this entry »

Springsteen concert

When I first heard “Born to Run” some 15 years ago, I was sold on Springsteen’s songs immediately. Since then many of his songs have been more or less permanently engraved into my brain. I always want to go to his legendary live concerts. I want to be there for the three hours non-stop marathon and the “Bruuuce” calls which sound to inconspicuous ears like “boo”. Back in August when I found out he’ll be in Toronto, I told myself I am going no matter what. (as it turned out, I almost couldn’t make but that is another story entirely.)  Read the rest of this entry »