Buechner, Brown, Claypool

I came across this piece of news from Christianity Today about the Buechner Institute.

That reminded me of the trio of authors (Frederick Buechner, Robert McAfee Brown and John R. Claypool) I came across them after I read “The Wounder Healer” by Henri Nouwen which was one of the most influential books for me. They are not on many reading list of my peers. However for me, they had left indelible marks in my faith journey and expression.  Their faith expression are confessional, in both sense of the word. They expressed their failures and struggles and proclaimed in eloquence how these experiences not only did not diminish the Christian faith they profess but actually strengthen it. At a time when I had problem coping with a more legalistic brand of proclamation (meaning as a Christian you should do A, B and C and not do D, E, and F else you are not saved). And on top of that not sure how to express how I felt. They gave me content and form for my faith.  They are all culturally relevant and fully realistic in they integration of faith and life. I am just grateful I came across these remarkable people who walked and witnessed to me. Today only Buechner is still around (Brown passed away in 2001 and Claypool in 2005). I am still reading their writings (you can also catch some Claypool preaching as well) and I will recommend them with little reservations.


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