Christmas giving

We went to highland farm to do some grocery shopping. I noticed this person standing at the entrance when I entered. I notice things like that. No, I am not Jason Bourne that by instinct memorized all the license plates anywhere he went but I do notice odd things. The person was still there when we were leaving about half an hour later. It was odd because it was windy and cold. When I passed by she asked for money for food. I paused gave her a ten. It is Christmas, let be generous. I had discussion with people who disagreed about giving money to strangers. They told me they would go buy alcohol or drugs and we by giving will perpetual the vicious cycle. If they need food we should go buy food with them instead of just giving them money. Some even say that by just giving that would be irresponsible giving. These are good arguments that I agreed but not whole heartily. I did follow the advice quite often. I wonder though sometimes may be we should just simply give after all that is all they asked for, money. Can we not just simply give sometime? Jesus asked us to give generously and he asked us to be merciful. Sure there is the Matthew 10:16 text that said “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” But I think more along the line that may be by our giving, the person will fell that there are still some goodness in the world. And may be just that once in a million chances the person will feel the love and change a bit, is that not worth it. Giving is theological, how to give is ethical, ethical consideration sometimes should not display theological considerations. I may have erred in my logic but at the very least I think this should be part of the dialogue and not to be left un-attended by the road to Jericho.

Christmas is special because it showed us a reality that supposes to be normal. Giving, forgiving and loving should be normal and not reserved for the special occasions. At Christmas even at the workplace people are more forgiving. They say if you cannot finish the work, it is okay to wait till later. Work is easier at Christmas for sure, but if everyday is like Christmas would it not be a better world. Some say then we’ll never get anything done. I beg to disagree. Firstly, people do perform better in a giving, forgiving and loving environment. Secondly, even if people do not do we need to get all the work done? Let make this Christmas special by make it not so special because we made a resolution to make everyday like Christmas.


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