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Resurrection 2014

What to do after Easter 2014. resurrection of this blog!!

I made a resolution to update at least once a week, worse scenario is just to post a quote from my readings or a photo. So here it goes…

This is something I wrote a few months ago, this came unexpectedly and I just wrote it down:

My room, before Christmas, after class on Trinity

I torn from my shirt
a button

Just sit still at the right hand corner of my desk
next to the Book of Common Prayer
in front of the pile of books I intend to read

It was there before I left
It stayed there
It is there now, after I return

Every time I leave my home, my desk, my room
Every time I wonder whether it will still be there when I return
Every time I expect a fire, a hurricane or a change in the Heidelberg constant

I am glad it is still there, for now, for a while
Every time I come home, to my room, to my desk
I feel safe, I breathe normal, I sit quietly

Just my room and me, the creator of my room
The creator of me
The trinity of creator, creation and creation