RSC – 0716

We read writings by Ron Rolheisser this week:

How interesting is God?

Two concept of Holiness

Deeper Things under the Surface

Moving Beyond “Our Little Rule”

Interruptions, Our Real Work

We did not have a “real” or “formal” discussion. However, we did this:

“Ordinary chitchat is not the stuff of intimacy, but regular contact is because, as the chitchat is going on, something deeper is happening (for good or for bad) under the surface.”

We hope to do this:

“This is also true of our prayer lives and our relationship with God. If we make a commitment to sit in private prayer every day for half an hour, how many times might we expect that we’ll feel a deep movement of soul, a stunning insight, or an affirmation that really warms us? A dozen times a year? Five or six times a year? Perhaps.”

Here are some of my own comments:

Are we really interested in God?

We are a generation that addicted to novelty. God is only on the radar when He is interesting. Holiness is not an option and often is not that interesting unless our primary focus is God. I know we all hate mundane and mandatory task. Basically we just hate being told what to do. Unfortunately, God did tell us to do things

“The spiritual life is one that requires constant practice if it is not to degenerate into religion that is a little more than duty.” (p181, “Reformed Spirituality, Howard Rice”)

At work I was often asked what I do on the weekend. I wonder what is wrong in saying I’ll be going home to pray or study the Bible.“ I believe being a Christian is not renouncing life, rather it adds a dimension to life that makes us fully human.


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