RSC – 0625

Today we did something a bit different. Instead of reading we asked our class to just relax and be silent for a full 45 minutes and reflect on the three pieces of written we did in the past three weeks. However, we encouraged people to just feel free to reflect on anything. 

We asked the group what they reflected on and what difference did they observed or felt when compared to the three previous weeks. 

Someone basically dreamt and he shared about the dream of starting an orphanage in Africa. A very noble thought that may be one day will bear fruits. Reflection is imagination. (Chapter 14 Developing Imagination: stepping into the inner world of “The Other Side of Silence” by Morton T. Kelsey) 

Someone else shared that he is stubborn in giving up control.  

Some one shared about the way she has been reading. She said she has been just “reading”, not like a text book and not really analysing and yet not without logic. Not everyone agreed, one mentioned it is impossible to read without analysis. The issue may not be the manner of reading but asking the question “Is this writing speaking to me personally.” Someone added that the previous week was more understanding, today help letting the thinking sink in a bit.  

The fact that quite a few of us dozed off is an actually telling us we are tired. It may be true that this we are in a culture that strives on “driveness”.  I don’t know whether “normal” culture pay so much emphasis on competition. We are constantly tired. Maybe we should just rest more. I doubt we serve God well by being tired all the time. I personally believe that Sabbath was given to us to help us deal with this issue. Sabbath is important because it is “time” dedicated to God. 

When I was walking back after the reflection time, I felt a sense of calm and serenity. That showed up when I crossed the road. On most days, there would be a quick wish of car passing faster so I can cross, this time, I just watch and wait. 

After the class I spoke with a couple of people. One of them told me he does this all the time so he wondered what is so special about it. I told him there is really nothing special about mediation and reflection. The special part is when we know we need discipline and we need to learn discipline. So for the love of God we “force” ourselves to give time to God in this way. By giving a little, hopefully by grace we’ll be able to give more. It is much easier to disciplining ourselves when we may instead of when we have to.


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