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Easter Sunday

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First I thank God I did not witness any Easter Egg search in my church this Easter.

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Many years ago El and I were invited to a breakfast with Pastor KW and his family. Pastor KW told me it was his habit to have breakfast with families from his congregation as a form of witness to the resurrection of Christ. Taking the cue from Luke 24:1, at “early dawn” we went for breakfast with anticipation for the resurrection. That habit has never really grown on me. The idea of doing something ritualistic every Easter appeals to me, but I have no idea what is meaningful to do. God has other ideas; he seems to be saying,” Why don’t I give you some food for thoughts every Easter, eh?” (You may be interested in knowing I am developing the theory that God is Canadian instead of American.) Three people among the wonderful group of 300+ worshipful people at TCBC this Easter Sunday were led to me to inspire some thoughts for me to meditate/chew (“hagah”, see Psalm 1:2 and Isa 31:4). Read the rest of this entry »


Death, life and resurrection

Until today my lent had been mostly non-existing. I started setting goals but had no will to see through any of them. However, today something happened and just tied all the adventures of this lent season together.

Thanatos(Death) Read the rest of this entry »