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Fire at our neighborhood

There was a house fire in our neighborhood last Saturday. It happened to about five houses away from us. Two young girls died in the fire and a young man was in critically condition. There were all students from China.

Report by Toronto Star

Shortly after noon Elizabeth yelled to me that there is a lot of smoke in our backyard. I went out and looked and saw very thick smoke coming from a house nearby. The fire trucks arrived very soon. A lot of neighbors went out to look. As I was talking with a neighbor we saw two persons being wheeled to the ambulances. One ambulance left immediately, another remain. The neighbor I was talking to commented, “That one probably will not make it, otherwise the ambulance would have left immediately.” He was right.

We were riveted for a few days, two young lives gone. The next day Elizabeth commented, “Today is a nice day but those two girls will not see it anymore.” It is so sad. Indeed, every death diminishes us, especially when it is so close to home (in this case literally).

Sometime I wonder why bad things happen to us, in this case I wonder why are we so blessed, we certainly do not deserve it.